Back Again

Hello Everyone!

I realized I have not been on here since October (sheesh!!) after my mom mentioned she hadn’t received a post notification in so long. I got busy with work and the holidays and then a two week visit to see Jack just before Christmas. That time period really does go by in the blink of an eye and before you know it it’s already the new year.

I had never even meant to take a break but without a laptop it is hard to remember to always make posts and really keep it in the front of my brain. Excuses I know but they have some truth to them.

I felt compelled to pick it back up, or at least attempt to yet again, when my mom brought it up and I realized it  may help with all that I am struggling with lately. I have been having a hard time with distance, anxieties about a lot of things, and depression. I was hoping that maybe this would help me to focus on other things and possibly bring me out of my depression and calm my anxieties. It has always helped me with a lot of things, I don’t know why I don’t keep on top of the blog for that reason alone.

We will see if I can continue updating the blog, I think I am better at saying I will than doing so (if you couldn’t tell already).

Here is a picture from my visit right before Christmas

Have a wonderful day!