Top Places in the World I Want to Visit

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on the Top Places in the U.S. I Want to Visit. I thought it would be fun to continue that ‘series’ and list the top places in the world that I want to visit. My traveling itch is still bad so I loved getting to explore countries and the idea of traveling even more! Here are five of my top places in the world that I would love to visit:



Italy is easily my #1 pick for international travel. The food, culture, history, people, language, basically everything seem utterly perfect. I want to eat my weight in pizza and pasta and walk around the old cities and walk to historical landmarks. To me the perfect place is Italy and if it even lived up to only half of my hopes for it it would be amazing!



I am about a large part Irish, my middle game is actually Gaelic (Irish) for my grandmothers name. I have always dreamed of visiting where my ancestors came from. Another thing that inspired my want to visit is the book ‘Angela’s Ashes’. It was an assigned reading book for my freshman Honors English class and I loved the book. It follows a young boy through Ireland during the famine (highly recommend).

Two of my fave bloggers, Julia Engel of GalMeetsGlam and Carly of CollegePrepster, visited it together and it looked as dreamy as I imagined. You can see some of their visit here and here.



Ever since I was little I swore to my family I was going to move to England and still if given the chance I totally would. Jack recently said he wants to move their and all I can think about is living there together. I could imagine us going to pubs, watching football (aka soccer) games for Jack and living the city life in London. I am still trying to convince him we should make it a reality one day! I would love the food, culture, weather and people I just know it.



I am part German as well and have always wanted to visit it to see where my ancestors came from. I also would also like to see old Nazi historical sites as well as sites from WWII. I have always been very interested in WWII and originally wanted to be a history major with an emphasis during that era. It would be remarkable to pay tribute and respect those who suffered and passed. On a lighter note I have a love for German food and German delis!

There are so many places all over the world that I would love to visit in my lifetime, this is only just the beginning! I am hoping one day I can muster up the courage and visit and experience a whole new country, and hopefully convince Jack to tag along with me. Hopefully it happens soon!

Have a wonderful start of the week everyone, we are already more than halfway through this month!




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