Long Distance

Happy Friday everyone!!

In yesterdays post I talked about my Jack’s trip to California this past weekend and I wanted to talk a little bit more about our time together! We were able to go to Disneyland again together (aka the most expensive place on Earth). Despite the hefty price tag Disneyland is truly the best, even with the sore feet and tired body by the end of the day. It’s one of my favorite things to do with Jack, we have gone together about 5 times or so! Next on our list: Disney World.

We also did a lot of little things like watch baseball games (Go Sox!) and just hang out. We didn’t get to squeeze in a few things I really wanted to do like the Apple Farm and the pumpkin patch but there’s always next year. I’m so grateful for our time together this past weekend, I’ve been struggling with long distance this past week.

A big thing I’ve been struggling with in long distance is the money aspect. If you and your significant other are a plane, train, or even long car ride away you know it can all add up… and quick. Jack and I have taken so many trips this past year (I believe 6 so far this year!!) that the bill for tickets is insane. I get extremely bugged when I think about all the couples that don’t have to pay $300 to see their significant other.

Thankfully Jack is always so helpful when it comes to paying for tickets and trips, hes so understanding about how much I make and stuff and will always foot a little more or spot me the money if needed. I can’t tell you (or him) enough how much I appreciate it! Even with the help though I’ve been getting frustrated and down about money and long distance. Have any of you guys struggled financially with your long distance relationship? Let me know below.

I will be posting a ‘Friday Favorites’ post later tonight in hope of catching up on blog posts. Stay tuned for that tonight!



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