Friday Favorites

I wanted to squeeze in one more post before the weekend to make up for my week long break!

Here are some of my recent favorites and finds:


Southwest Rapid Rewards Program Jack and I already bought our tickets to see each other for December, I wanted to get ahead while I had the money and purchase them while they are pretty cheap. After scouring through all my usual sites (Expedia, Southwest, Kayak) I found an insanely cheap one for $65 for the plane ticket to Louisiana on Southwest and was all ready to book it until I figured I should check how many points it was because it was so cheap dollar wise. It ended up being only about 3,000 RR points and I had 8,500 accumulated from previous points. We only ended up paying the 9/11 fee of $6, it was amazing!! If you fly at all to see you significant other or for any reason, sign up for rewards programs through multiple airlines. I do not always fly Southwest but they do tend to have some of the cheapest flights for us so it is totally worth it.


ConvictionI randomly caught the pilot episode of this new ABC show and was instantly hooked. I love any show that incorporates law, mystery and politics in one. It follows Hayes Morrison, a former first daughter, who gets a new job in exchange for clearing her most recent arresting. Her new job involves pulling up old cases and seeing if the person was wrongly convicted. It is only two episodes in but I really like it. It on Tuesdays so try and catch the next one!


J.Crew x New Balance Collab– OMG this collaboration is adorable! I love J.Crew (It is one of my all time favorite brands) and I love athletic wear so this combination is a match made in heaven. The prints and simplicity of the wear is totally the J.Crew style. I want to buy it all! I really want these pants.

Tory Sport, Tory Burch’s Sport line is just as dreamy, and dare I say even cuter!

Favorite Tunes– My music taste is very eclectic and to some (aka Jack) weird but I thought I would share some of my top tunes recently!

Dont Wanna Know- Maroon 5 (Feat Kendrick Lamar) // Broccoli- D.R.A.M. (Feat Lil Yachty) // Gold- Kiiara // Unsteady- C Ambassadors // LUV- Tory Lanez (Jack introduced this to me and I originally hated it but cant stop listening to it now)

I hope you enjoyed some of this weeks favorites and thank you for sticking with me through my week break! Next week I will be posting like usual. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




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