Latest Trip

Hello everyone! Can you believe the week is already more than half way over? 

Jack left early Sunday morning after a quick but wonderful trip (there’s my excuse for so few posts this past week). He arrived in the afternoon on Wednesday and I picked him up from the airport and we grabbed lunch at The Grove. I knew the three days would fly by insanely quick so I wanted to savor every little moment we had together. We were able to go to Disneyland one day, watch the Red Sox play another and go to a couple of our favorite food places and spend a day with my family watching football at home. It was so great!
This trip was exactly what I needed, I mean when do I not need to see Jack though? But it was nice to have a couple days together again especially since he was visiting me this time in California.

I visit Jack more often because of work schedules and school and I do not mind, I usually tend to prefer it that way, but it’s much easier for me when I’m not the one leaving. When I leave Jack and go to the airport I have had anxiety/panic attacks in the bathroom. Something about leaving him and then being stuck in the airport and in the air for a couple hours after freaks me out badly and emotionally it takes a huge toll on me so I was thankful it was him leaving and not me, it was much better for me.

I was sad to see this trip end but it was absolutely amazing having 3 full days together! And since we weren’t planning on this trip or expecting to see each other till December it was the much sweeter. It was quick but absolutely perfect!

I’ll be sharing pictures and more details of our trip tomorrow, as well as discuss financial woes when being in a long distance relationship later this week.

Have a great hump day everyone!



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