Short Visit 

Hello everyone!

I am so so happy to report that Jack will be visiting me on Wednesday for a quick trip during his Fall break! He text me last week asking if I could get a couple days off this coming weekend because he just happened to look and found great tickets. I (of course) said yes, I mean I’d do anything to have him here again! Thankfully I was able to get all the days off and I’m so happy.

I have to say that long distance has been so much easier since we’ve been able to see each other so much more often. This year alone we’ve had an abundance of trips with very few large breaks in between trips. I’m so thankful for this (although my wallet definitely isn’t), it makes it much easier and allows us to be able to do so much together.

This trip is about 5 days total and we have 3 full days to do whatever we would like. So far we have a trip to Disneyland planned (yay), possibly a trip to the Apple farm, and hopefully we can go get pumpkins at a pumpkin patch. I’ve been dying to be able to do Fall things together. Any suggestions on things we should squeeze in this trip?

I just cannot wait to be back together! It’s only been two weeks since we last said goodbye but I cannot get enough of my favorite person. We originally thought we wouldn’t see each other until December so this was the best surprise trip.

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday everyone, hopefully you have something to make you happy like me.



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