Top Places in the U.S. I Want to Visit

Another week down and a new one beginning today, happy Monday everyone!

I have had a major itch to travel places in the recent weeks. I think it all began when Jack said he wants to move to England and my imagination ran wild with us picking up and moving across the pond. Ever since then I have been dying to go somewhere new! I thought I would list my top 5 places I would like to visit in the United States in no particular order, enjoy:


Charleston, SC

I love the history and culture of the old South and Charleston, South Carolina has always been one of my dream places to visit. I have seen pictures of the old, historic homes and totally dream of walking the street (and one day owning one if I ever win the lottery). One of my favorite bloggers, Julia Engel of GalMeetsGlam, is moving there from San Francisco this month and I cannot wait to see the city through her blog.



This one is a no brainer! I have never been to Hawaii and would love to visit. Everyone says you must go once… or twenty times in your life. It is said that they have some of the best beaches in the world. I would love to see the volcanoes, go snorkeling and really experience all of the nature activities it has. I do think I’ll save Hawaii for whenever I go on a honeymoon, it always seemed the like the perfect honeymoon destination.


My absolute dream home in CT


Ever feel like you just belong somewhere? For me it is definitely New England! I feel like I would love the atmosphere, the weather, the people, the culture, just everything. I have visited Boston and New Hampshire (both with Jack) before and LOVE it! My family and I have always seen myself settling down on the East coast and Connecticut has been on the top of my list forever, first I just have to visit. Every picture I have seen looks absolutely gorgeous and they experience all four seasons. As a person from Southern California that is my dream.



Maine is definitely at the top of my list for places to visit. Jack was born and raised most of his childhood in Maine and I really want to see where her grew up. When I first met Jack I knew nothing about Maine; it was kind of like one of those states you just forget about. I thought everyone either fished for lobsters or shot moose but according to Jack that’s not the norm (I’ll still need to see it to believe it). The slogan for Maine is “the way life should be” and I would love to see if it truly is. Plus I am a sucker for lighthouses!


Rhode Island

Rhode Island is at the very top of my list of places to visit, specifically Newport, Rhode Island. I love small coastal towns (my very favorite is Portsmouth, NH) and Newport, RI looks like the perfect small town right on the water with a New England feel. To me it looks similar to Nantucket, another one on my list, and I love it. My absolute dream would be to go sailing in the water in a city like this. It looks like absolute perfection!

I hope to cross these of my list soon and add even more places! What are your favorite places to visit in the United States? I would love to hear about them. Soon I will be posting my top five places in the world I would like to visit so stay tuned.




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