Beginning BBG

In yesterdays post I talked about the grieving period you may go through after leaving your significant other and coming back to your normal every day life. I also talked about how I pull myself back to being happy once I have finished grieving and one thing that has helped me a lot is fitness and the gym.

In all honesty once I get back home I give myself a couple days to a week or two off of the gym because I do not have the energy to go workout, I am just too sad. But I come to a point where I have to push myself to go once and then I realized why I love it and why it makes me happy.

Yesterday I began going to the gym and getting back into the swing of things, especially in regards to eating healthy and working out. Jack and I decided we should both try the program I have attempted a couple times, Kayla Itsines BBG program. It is insanely tough and completely kicks your butt! When I visited Jack a couple weeks so we tries just one day and our legs were so sore for two days after. The program uses high intensity resistance training, combines with low intensity cardio for a complete and easy workout. I love how short the workouts are (only about 30 min), and how you really feel it afterward.


You can check out the BBG, aka Bikini Body Guide, site here. You can also find PDFs of the program online for a cheaper option (shh!). Check out Kayla Itsines Instagram to see the amazing transformation pictures she posts of completely normal people. They will totally inspire you to try it out.

Jack and I are going to be doing it together for 6 weeks, leading right up to my brothers wedding for me. Every other day I am going to send him the workouts for the day and we will be sending each other a sweaty snapchat saying we completed it. I love that this is not only keeping us healthy but that it is also a fun thing we can do together even though we are apart. I have always looked forward to when we are officially in the same place and can workout together, until then this will do for me.

I am going to try to post every week or every other week updates on how we are doing and progress pictures as well. I took the beginning picture today but want to wait to post it once we have some workouts under our belt so stay tuned.

Let me know below if you would like to hear more about us doing this together, I would love your thoughts. Have a wonderful day everyone!



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