Grieving Period

Hello everyone happy Monday, this weekend went by with a blink of the eye sadly! 

I’ve been incorporating some ‘lifestyle’ posts into the blog but I do want to stay true to what inspired me to write the blog, my long distance relationship. I got back from a visit two weeks ago (to this day) and I have been reminded of the process of coming back and getting back into the normal swing of things without Jack by my side and it of course has been very hard. I’ve been way more irritable about things and just have not been myself so I’m whipping myself back into shape (literally and mentally) starting today!

Today I’m stepping back into what made me happy before and my routine of life; I’m going back into the gym and getting back to eating well and being happy. I allowed myself two weeks to grieve being away from Jack again and feeling alone. I think it’s very healthy to ‘grieve’ or be sad for a period of time but in the end you mustn’t let it take over you.

I gave myself time (maybe a little bit too much) to just be sad once I got back from my trip. Cry if you want to, mope around, be quiet, you deserve it. You’ve left someone you love and you may be feeling alone. You cannot just leave your significant other and come back like nothing happened (but if you can I applaud you), but for most that is just not possible. Give yourself a week or two and eat ice cream, lay around, watch movies and just do what makes you happy BUT then turn it around, pull up your boot straps, and get tough. Do what you have to, find good and healthy things to cheer you up. I have come to learn many times that you cannot let your sadness define your life.

People will push for you to heal quickly but do not go according to their schedule, you know your heart better than them.

Today’s post was a little bit of word vomit but the grieving period of a long distance relationship is an important one in my opinion and is often pushed aside. Tomorrow I will be talking about something I do to help push me out of my sadness and how Jack is joining me this time so check back here tomorrow.

Have a wonderful rest of your day! Let this Monday set the tone for the rest of the week, so make it a good one.



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