Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone, can you believe another week has passed?

I cannot wait for the weekend, with a birthday celebration for my little sister and a dog adoption even at my work I can’t wait! Let’s jump right into my ‘Friday Favorites’, these are becoming my favorite things:


The Good Place- I watched the first episode of this new show with my younger sister this past week and I laughed so many times during the episode. Kristen Bell is hilarious and completely relatable. It’s about this not so good gal that gets put into heaven by mistake; she is surrounded by all of these perfect people and tries to change her morals so she fits in and stays. I highly recommend you get into the show now! There has only been one episode and the second one is on tonight on NBC.


 Travel Blogs I have had the biggest itch to travel and explore new places lately. Many bloggers and Instagram’s that I follow have been traveling all over the world and it has not been helping. Lauren Wells of has been traveling through Portugal and it looks absolutely stunning! There are so many places I haven’t even thought of to travel like Portugal. At least until I saw Lauren’s pictures, now it is at the very top of my list. Lauren travels all over the world and documents it on her blog and Instagram and I am absolutely captivated. It’s making me want to travel that much more.

Travel Blogger Suggestions: Lucy Laucht of, Jenny Cipoletti of, and Julie Sarinana of (some are fashion, lifestyle, and travel bloggers and some are solely travel bloggers).


Dinosaur Boy Video– If you haven’t seen this video yet your day will be made. The little boy in the video, Noel, lists off the large names of the dinosaurs his mother shows him. Between his little glasses and heart melting accent you will want to squeeze the little boy. I only recently found out his mother has a YouTube page of Noel videos and I cannot wait to watch more!

Emmy’ s 2016 Award Show- I do not follow award shows too often, I mostly watch the red carpet and bits and pieces, most likely I will watch highlights the next morning. For the 2016 Emmy Award Show I was able to watch bits and pieces. I loved Jimmy Kimmel as the host, he was so funny and it did not feel like the show was hours long like they tend to do. I wish he would host award shows more often! My favorite part? His mom making PB&J sandwiches and the “Stranger Things” kids passing them out to the crowd.


Hands down the BEST dressed was Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad. Oh my god this dressing was stunning!  I absolutely fell in love with it the second I saw it. A close second of mine was Mandy Moore in Prabal Gurung.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It is officially the start of Fall (as of Thursday) so go and do something fun and festive to kick the season off. Come back Monday for an all new post on Long Distance.




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