Photo Album

Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!

One of my favorite things I have made for Jack is his scrapbook. My mom was and still is a huge craft lady. When I was younger my mother made all of her children a baby scrapbook that went up until our school years and then a schoolbook one that documented all of our school activities. All of my siblings and I hold them very near and dear; they allow us to look back easily on all of our memories and it is nice to not have to go through boxes of pictures. We are able to just flip through a book. (Plus my mom was the best at decorating pages adorably)

I love crafts almost as much as my mother and love making things for Jack. Once we began long distance I wanted him to have something to be able to look back on all of our memories and ones we will make. I originally just sent him some frames with pictures of us together but then really wanted to start a scrapbook. I began with a little one to start, we did not have too many pictures in the beginning because I was always too quiet to ask to take pictures everywhere.  I always wanted to live more in the moment! Once we began taking more pictures we collected a ton.

Not too long after, I needed a new book to put our pictures in! I purchased a Creative Memories book similar to this one and began filling it. It is the perfect size for pictures and decorations but they do offer smaller ones if you want to keep it simpler. I highly recommend looking on the Creative Memories site for items such as page protectors, predesigned albums, and pages. We are still on the same book (its big) and after every trip I like to collect our pictures and fill up the book for Jack. I want him to have something to look at and make him feel better when we are apart. He has said he loves having it too remember all of our good times when he is down and that alone makes me so so happy I made it for him.


Here is a page from our book

Scrapbooks can be a big task with decorating and pictures, etc but do not worry they can be easy if you want. Instead of a scrapbook try a photo album. They have less decoration and only showcase the pictures so they are easy to make, all you have to do is print pictures. This is a great option if you are not the crafty or creative type.

Another great alternative is using an online scrapbook. Companies such as Shutterfly allow you to upload your pictures online, choose pages/decorations, and then they will print it and ship it to you. This is a great option if you want decoration but do not know how or where to purchase things. They look professionally made but have such a personal touch. I have linked the website.

Example Shutterfly page
Photo albums and scrapbooks are an amazing way to show someone you care! Photos are one of my favorite things in the world because they allow me to relive a special moment and every moment I have with Jack is so incredibly special to me. Your significant other will appreciate a kind gesture like this so much, even if you just glue pictures of you guys on card stock paper trust me (especially sentimental girls like me)! Just do not forget to take pictures together.

PSA: This is the perfect anniversary gift for your significant other!



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