Trip Highlights 

Hello everyone! Exactly one week ago I was coming home from visiting Jack for nearly 2 weeks (12 whole days together!). This week has surprisingly flown by, I feel like it’s been a day. I’m hoping this continues until I see him again.

We had so much fun together and I loved every second of it! It’s tough having the best two weeks ever together and feeling like a ‘normal’ couple for a little bit and then having it end. We did a couple big activities while I was out but also hung out a lot and just spent time together. Here are some highlights from our trip:

LSU Football Game- Thankfully there was a non SEC football game one Saturday that I was there and Jack was able to get a guest ticket for me! I went to a game last year but after waiting for the game it was postponed due to lightning and then cancelled. I was so bummed! Thankfully this game was only postponed by a little and not cancelled and LSU won! I love getting to see the tailgating and experience an SEC game, they are pretty awesome.


Drake Concert- As many of you may remember from my  Weekly Roundup post I got Jack Drake tickets for out 4 year anniversary. The concert was on the second night I was there and it was amazing! Jack was a big fan of Futures part but I loved Drake. He was pumped and chose the perfect songs, he played every major hit of his and nearly all of my personal faves. The Summer Sixteen tour is definitely a must see!


This was my favorite room in the plantation, it was gorgeous

Plantation Tour- After seeing this plantation on Pinterest it has been a must visit for me, especially once I found out it was in Louisiana. Jack gave me the mission of finding things I wanted to do while we had free time so I googled to see how far away it was from us. And thankfully it was only a 30 minutes drive! Jack booked us tour tickets and I was beyond happy. Jack knows I love historic places and old architecture. The plantation was perfection, hands down the prettiest plantation! (Oak Alley Plantation is a close second) The inside is beautiful and the history has been upheld so well. Our tour guide was very well educated on the house and her enthusiasm for the plantation was infectious. I kept telling Jack I was ready to buy the place, if only they would accept $10 as a down payment.


Cooking- Like last time we were able to continue cooking meals together. This time we made chicken Parmesan sliders (we used this recipe) and they were delicious. Despite burning the bun a little we both really liked them! We also baked cookies but kept it simple and used store made cookie dough.

We also watched Narcos, had way too many ice cream dates, got to have a couple real Friday night and Saturday night date nights (loved these), and watched sports for Jack. This trip was the absolute best! I savor every second we have together, I’m always my happiest when I’m with Jack. Now back to reality again until December.

Have a great week everyone, make it the best one!



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