Take Three

Hello everyone! 

They say the third time is a charm, well I’m going to test this and see if I can truly stick to writing blog posts for a third time. After coming home from visiting Jack last night I got to thinking about what has helped me get through the difficulty of long distance and saying goodbye to my best friend. Jack is the #1 thing to help me with that but I thought of what else could help pull me out of my slump. I was reminded of how much blogging about my long distance relationship helped me get through this. I used the blog as my own type of journal and had hoped to help others through long distance and even be encouraged through other people’s stories.

I was then baffled as to why I quit (twice..). Life gets in the way easily and with work and school, relationships and a social life it’s hard to find time for things. But I realized that’s just an excuse, if it’s important to me I will find time and make it a priority.

So for a third time I am going to try to tackle a long distance blog, bear with me it may not be easy but I am going to give it my all and try to my best this time. For now I will be posting periodically with no set schedule until I figure out what’s right for me but new posts will follow shortly.

I can’t wait to begin again, have a wonderful day everybody!




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