Hello everyone, I hope your weekend was wonderful!

Today I wanted to request feedback from the readers. With the slow switch over to a more lifestyle blog approach I wanted to know what you, the readers, thought about it. Do you like the weekly roundup? Do you want more articles concerning long distance? More recipes? More gift ideas? Anything will help. You can comment any thoughts, ideas, what you would like more of, etc. down below! It is so appreciated.

I would also love to feature people in or who were previously in a long distance relationship on 1780 Miles Away. I think it would be interesting and encouraging to hear more stories of how people handle and overcome the struggles of a long distance relationship, as well as all the triumphs and sweet moments. If you are interested please email me at or comment with your email below and I will contact you. It would only be a blog post or two, however long you would like.

If you can and want to do either of these two things I would absolutely love it and appreciate it a ton. I want to continue to push this blog further! I may try a new posting schedule this week or next week so stay tuned. Have a wonderful Monday everyone and make this your best week yet!