‘To Do’ Lists for Visits 

Hello everybody! Before my previous visit to see Jack a couple weeks ago, I wrote down a couple things I really wanted us to do during my time out there. I ended up loving having some things in mind so we knew what to do instead of trying to think of things on the spot. I do not want our precious time together spent asking “what do you want to do?”. It’s also great because when we are apart I always think of fun things I would love for us to try but completely forget when it is time for me to see him. Writing them down as a list enables me to not forget!


For my list I wanted to include some of our usual favorite activities, something new, something involving fitness, etc. Our list included: bake a dessert, cook a homemade meal, watch a movie together, go on a hike around lakes, workout together, go golfing, and go to a sporting event.  We were not able to cross off everything on our list but crossed off a lot. I decided anything we did not accomplish would then roll over onto the next visits list.

I am visiting Jack again at the end of May (yay!!) and I am already trying to decide on some fun things to add to our list. So far some ideas I have come up with include go dancing, go one day without eating out (it’s tough when you’re on vacation), and try a cooking class. We most likely won’t accomplish everything because I am out there for a shorter time and our days will be filled with country concerts (we are headed to a country festival), but we will try our best and anything we don’t accomplish will again be put onto the next list.

It’s fun to think of new things to try or something you have secretly always wanted to do with your significant other. Between visits jot down any ideas you have, I suggest the notes app in your phone because it is always on hand and will not get lost as easily as a notepad.

Comment below on any fun activity ideas you and your significant other have done, I would love suggestions, or tell me if you write down things to do before a trip as well. Have a great Tuesday everyone and come back again tomorrow!



One thought on “‘To Do’ Lists for Visits 

  1. Brad and I used to do this when we first started our relationship, but now it is quite nice just to take each day as it comes and experience each others day to day lives, but having something planned every now and again is always nice!


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