Post Trip Depression

Hello everybody! Today I’m addressing a not so happy topic concerning long distance relationships. For me personally, it tends to be the lowest point in long distance. I’m talking about the moment when it’s time to leave your significant other and go back to your norm of being apart.

For me it all begins the second I leave Jack’s side and we part ways at the airport. For the most part I fly out to see Jack so I am usually the one that has to hop on the plane back to home. The second I go through airport security I start panicing. I’ve had legitimate panic   attacks during previous departures where it all just overwhelms me a ton. I get so worried about the distance, how long it will be till I see him, and much more and allow it to completely consume me.

On Sunday when I left Louisiana for Southern California I (thankfully) did not have a panic attack this time but I was instead completely overwhelmed with sadness. I can usually tell pretty quickly how hard it’ll be to bounce back once I leave Jack and this time I could instantly tell it was not going to be easy.

The worst part is having a four hour plane ride, and sometimes an hour or two layover, to sit and think about how you’re leaving the person you love and won’t see them. I replay all of the moments of pure bliss of being together and think about how I wont have that for a couple months. It’s hard not to when there’s nothing to do and you’re trapped 1,000 miles in the air (I advise you to buy magazines, books and watch the inflight entertainment to keep yourself busy).


When I arrived home Sunday night I was emotionally exhausted but could not sleep. After a trip I usually retreat to my room a lot and keep to myself. My family takes notice and tries to keep me happy but not much can help me out.

This time around I let myself be sad for the first couple of days, it’s healthy to be sad for a little bit but do not let it consume you or last more than a couple days. After a few days I knew I needed to turn my attitude around and attempt to be happy even with the distance. I first baked some banana nut muffins, my favorite bakery good to cheer me up. Jack pushed me to stay positive and keep looking towards being happy. He is really great at keeping me positive and cheering me up. Our long distance relationship continues to thrive because of him, he’s so great at looking at the good and not the bad. He also pushed me to go back to Zumba because he knew that would instantly cheer me up. I pushed myself and went last night after a week long break and loved it. It really did a great job of cheering me up last night!

It has also helps that Jack and I have a trip planned to see each other next month. I have already begun the countdown and we are only about thirty days away! I just keep telling myself one day at a time.

For me post depression is one of the worst parts of long distance relationships, if you are struggling with it know you are not alone. Power through and lean on people around you (especially your significant other) for support. It’s tough now but trust me it gets better! The pain is temporary and soon you will be back together again. Until then occupy yourself, find new things to do, take time for yourself to heal, and communicate your feelings to your boyfriend or girlfriend so they know where you are at emotionally.

How do you cope with post trip depression? Tell me below. I would love to hear. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and come back Monday for a new post!



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