Cooking in the Kitchen

Hello everyone! In yesterday’s post I talked about how Jack and I had planned to cook and bake a little on my trip out to Louisiana. One of my favorite things to do is bake and cook, I always swore I would make a stellar wife to whomever I marry because I’ll cook them whatever they would like. I had put it on our “to do list” for the trip (I will talk more about this next week) and really wanted to at least fulfill it once. We ended up doing it three times!

On one of our first nights we went grocery shopping to make baked ziti, both something we really like, and brownies for hot fudge sundaes. We got all of the fixings to make both for the next day. We ended up only baking brownies and making hot fudge sundaes because we had a late lunch and were not hungry for a big meal for dinner so we saved the baked ziti for a night later in the week. For our hot fudge sundaes we kept it simple with a boxed brownie mix (I have tried a ton and Ghirardelli is a personal fave), Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, and Smucker’s hot fudge sauce. I haven’t had a hot fudge sundae in forever and boy I have I been missing out! They were totally simple but so delicious.

The baked ziti recipe we used was the one that Jacks mother, Mrs. Chascin gave us. It’s always a personal favorite to eat when I visit the Chascin family so I was really happy she sent it to us to try and make. It turned out really well and a ton was left over for Jack to eat (instead of his beloved Lean Cuisines). My goal was to leave him leftovers so he had more home cooked meals to eat! Being someone that loves to cook it is hard to not be able to make your significant other food so this made up for my lost opportunities to cook for Jack.

The end result for our baked ziti

A couple nights later we cooked up some oven baked meatball sandwiches. We looked through Pinterest to find some meal ideas and narrowed it down to two: oven baked meatball sandwiches and baked barbeque chicken sandwiches. The meatball sandwiches won because Jack had just had barbeque chicken pizza the night before. We are hoping to make the barbeque chicken sandwiches when I go out next month.

Here is the recipe we used. It was so simple to follow! You can use homemade meatballs or frozen meatballs; we opted for frozen meatballs because we decided to make these about an hour before dinner time. We bought delicious frozen meatballs at Whole Foods. I highly recommend if you are going with frozen meatballs do not skimp on the quality and spend the extra couple of dollars for really good frozen meatballs. The rest of the recipe is very easy and overall it only took about 45 minutes to make from prep to finish.

Jack and I with our baked meatball sandwich

I highly recommend Pinterest for any recipes. There are so many great links to blogs and specific recipes if you follow a certain diet or if you just have something specific in mind. I have a Pinterest account and my “Meals” and “Recipes” boards are my favorite to add to. Follow me on Pinterest @RenaeSBruce to see all of my pins.

Hopefully I have inspired you to go out and try to make something with your significant other. It is so fun to both be involved in something, especially if one of you loves it like I do. Skip take out and try something new tonight or on the next trip to see your boyfriend or girlfriend. It will be an experience you both will love! I am hoping to incorporate more meal making into our upcoming trips.

Come back tomorrow for more about the topic of post trip depression. Have a lovely day readers!



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