Spring Break Trip Recap

Happy Wednesday everyone, we are halfway through the work week (but if you work the weekends like me that sadly means nothing, ugh)! In yesterdays ‘Life Update’ post I touched a little on how I just came back from visiting Jack in Louisiana for a week. Today I wanted to go a little more in depth on the things we did.

Every time I come back from a trip to visit Jack I always swear it was the best trip yet but this time I have to say it truly was. Every trip gets sweeter and more precious to me (and somehow even more fun). This trip was filled with a lot of activities but a lot of down time as well, which is my favorite thing to do. Here are some of our trip highlights:

Golfing: One of Jack’s favorite past times is golfing, so I always hope to squeeze it in together to see him in his happy place plus I am a sucker for a man all dressed up in golf gear. Jack always thinks I hate to do it but I secretly love it. From the fun golf clothes to driving the golf course, to the relaxed vibe of the sport it makes me happy and I love getting to do it alongside Jack. My next hope is to get more into the sport with Jack instead of just drive the golf cart around.

Cook: I really wanted to try to cook and bake a little together on this trip. Jack has an apartment with a kitchen so I thought it would be fun to play adult for a little bit and bake some sweets and cook a meal or two. His sweet mother gave us her recipe to make baked ziti- something I really love to eat all thanks to the Chascin’s introducing me to it. We were also able to bake brownies for hot fudge sundaes and cook up some meatball sandwiches. All of them turned out really well, I think we were made to cook together!

Celebrate My Birthday: My 21st birthday fell on Spring Break and I was able to celebrate with Jack who did not disappoint in the slightest on celebration activities. He treated me to the BEST birthday in New Orleans complete with a five star hotel (it could not have been a more ideal hotel), a five star dining experience, and taking me on a drinking tour throughout Bourbon St. I loved every second of it! I have never felt so special and so much like a princess. It was hands down the best birthday I have ever had and I wish I could relive it. He truly gives me so much more than I deserve and goes above and beyond for everything.

Taken on the balcony of our gorgeous hotel room

Eat: One of our favorite things to do is eat all of our favorite things together. We definitely indulged way too much while I was out there but vacation calories don’t count, right? My favorites include ice cream, frozen yogurt, our favorite place right near his campus for chimichangas, Raising Canes (the best chicken fingers you will ever have), and so much more.

Explore: We love to drive around and look at houses, scenery, etc. We went on a couple different “adventures” around the city. My favorite thing to do is drive around and look at all the gorgeous homes around the campus lakes. The houses are absurdly perfect! I like to dream of living in the homes if I ever have that kind of paycheck; there was one in particular that stole my heart. Jack was also able to show me where he is currently working and more of the city that I have not seen before. Dancing and singing in the car while going on an adventure is the cheapest and best date to me.

There were just a few of the fun things that happened on this trip. I loved this trip so much and leaving made it that much harder, but I wouldn’t change a single thing. Once I come home from trips I am always reminded of how strong our relationship is through long distance and how much I love Jack.

I loved getting to relive my week, if only for a little bit. I hope everyone has a wonderful hump day. Come back tomorrow for a brand new blog post!



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  2. Pingback: Cooking in the Kitchen – 1780 Miles Away

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