Weekly Roundup 

Happy Friday everyone!! #TGIF As discussed last week, I wanted to take 1780 Miles Away into ‘Lifestyle’ blog territory. In an attempt to do so I thought it would be fun to deliver weekly round ups of recent findings, current favorites, and old time loves of mine. I will be (temporarily) testing this out for the next couple of weeks to see how it goes. Without further ado here is the first Friday Weekly Roundup!

  • Drake announced a tour earlier this week, along with a new album. Drake just so happens to be Jack’s favorite rapper and miraculously is playing in New Orleans on a Friday night so I snatched up tickets as an anniversary gift for him!


PSA: If you’re reading this is it’s too late… (I had to), Drake tickets went on sale at 10 AM EST. Here is the link to purchase them.

  • Dyson, most popular for their vacuums, has made a prototype for a new blow dryer. It looks so cool! It’s slated to hit shelves this Fall and I will absolutely have to try this. Here is an article discussing the new blow dryer.


  • One of my favorite bloggers, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam, just finished up a road trip through Italy. She stopped in Venice, Tuscany, Montalcino, and many other places and the pictures are absolutely dreamy. One of my dream places to visit is Italy and it got me wanting to go even more! Check out her Instagram, snapchat (galmeetsglam), and blog to see more.

gmg_venice_italy-8442.jpg  gmg-verona-italy-0616.jpg

  • I came across this recipe and I’ve been dying to try it! It looks so good and simple. I’m hoping to talk Jack into taking on more of a baking challenge when I visit out next month.



  • Lately I have been oddly enjoying techno pop. I am never into any type of techno music so it’s quite shocking, Jack even said so. Here are few songs I can’t get enough of this week:

Don’t Let Me Down- The Chainsmokers // Never Forget You- Zara Larsson & MNEK // I Took a Pill in Ibiza- Mike Posner //T-shirt- Thomas Rhett // Work From Home- Fifth Harmony

I hope you enjoyed the first weekly roundup. I’m hoping to keep better track of things that catch my eye throughout the week so I have even more to share with you all. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, hopefully there is beautiful weather!



Fit Bit 

Hello everybody, we have officially made it to Thursday! You may now take a deep sigh of relief because tomorrow is Friday! Last night I celebrated my birthday with my family. My parents gifted me a FitBit Charge HR (in navy, one of my favorite colors) and I’m beyond excited to try it out. Nearly all of my sisters and my mother have one and are nuts about it. My mom is always adamant to get her 10,000 steps per day and to win all of her challenges. She competes with her friends and children and absolutely loves it.

I love the motivation it gives people to work out more and become more active on a daily basis, it’s exactly what we all need. I have always been intrigued to see how many steps I would get in a day especially on the days I run or take a Zumba class, or even both!

I’ll be starting my FitBit tracking today. I’ve got my FitBit ready to go and I’m sure I’ll be checking my progress all day long. I’m planning on running today and then taking a Zumba class so we will see what my steps and calories burned look like after today.

Has anyone used a FitBit? How did you like it (or dislike it)? Any suggestions? I would love to hear what you have to say. I’ll be posting a review on it in the coming weeks. Comment below and let me know!

Have a wonderful rest of your day and come back tomorrow for a new type of weekly Friday post.


In honor of #ThrowbackThursday here is a picture of Jack and I during a trip in October of 2014.

October 2014

Mothers Day Gift Ideas


Hello everybody I cannot believe it is already Wednesday! With Mothers Day right around the corner (it will be here before we all know it) I thought I would help everyone out with some reasonably priced Mothers Day gift ideas. Everybody says they have the best mother but my mom is amazing. She managed six children, all fairly close in age, juggled a job, always made homemade meals, and gave us all the love and attention possible in the world. She always had our back, encouraged us to anything we wanted, and was there for us when we needed her. She is by far one of the best things in my life!

So what do you buy your mom who deserves the world but you can’t quite afford that? Spoil her with great things you can afford. Here are a few things for different types of moms:

  1. A Cute Frame

Buy an adorable frame and put a cute picture of you and your mother when you were young or put a family picture in it. This is great for moms who are super sentimental or love photographs around the house.

2. A Cookbook

Does your mom love to bake? Add a cookbook to her present so she has new things to try. I highly recommend this one as well, it has great recipes!

3. A Candle

A ton of women love a good candle. At the store I work at, people go insane over THIS candle (even the men love it). It is insanely popular and comes in a bunch of different jars, colors, and even comes in a room spray, hand lotion, and soap if they end up loving it.

4. A Beautiful Robe

If your mother loves baths and spa trips, splurge with a really nice robe. Silk ones are great for relaxing! This robe is a splurge but you can find a ton of great ones at stores such as Target, Nordstrom, and many more.

5. A Planter

If your mother loves to garden or admires flowers and plants then buy her a pretty pot, to top the gift off plant her favorite flowers or vegetable. Its a gift that keeps on giving!

Hopefully some of these gifts helped point you in the right direction for Mother’s Day. If all else fails or money is tight, mothers love homemade gifts from the heart. A handwritten card is always a super sweet gesture! Comment below with what you will be getting your mother this Mother’s Day I would love to hear.

Next week I will be discussing some anniversary gift ideas for your significant other. Have a wonderful rest of your day everyone!


‘To Do’ Lists for Visits 

Hello everybody! Before my previous visit to see Jack a couple weeks ago, I wrote down a couple things I really wanted us to do during my time out there. I ended up loving having some things in mind so we knew what to do instead of trying to think of things on the spot. I do not want our precious time together spent asking “what do you want to do?”. It’s also great because when we are apart I always think of fun things I would love for us to try but completely forget when it is time for me to see him. Writing them down as a list enables me to not forget!


For my list I wanted to include some of our usual favorite activities, something new, something involving fitness, etc. Our list included: bake a dessert, cook a homemade meal, watch a movie together, go on a hike around lakes, workout together, go golfing, and go to a sporting event.  We were not able to cross off everything on our list but crossed off a lot. I decided anything we did not accomplish would then roll over onto the next visits list.

I am visiting Jack again at the end of May (yay!!) and I am already trying to decide on some fun things to add to our list. So far some ideas I have come up with include go dancing, go one day without eating out (it’s tough when you’re on vacation), and try a cooking class. We most likely won’t accomplish everything because I am out there for a shorter time and our days will be filled with country concerts (we are headed to a country festival), but we will try our best and anything we don’t accomplish will again be put onto the next list.

It’s fun to think of new things to try or something you have secretly always wanted to do with your significant other. Between visits jot down any ideas you have, I suggest the notes app in your phone because it is always on hand and will not get lost as easily as a notepad.

Comment below on any fun activity ideas you and your significant other have done, I would love suggestions, or tell me if you write down things to do before a trip as well. Have a great Tuesday everyone and come back again tomorrow!


Closing the Gap

Hello everyone, I hope the weekend was great for everyone! Now back to the daily grind sadly.

It recently dawned on me that with our upcoming anniversary, Jack and I have been long distance for nearly three years. That is three-fourths of our relationship. That’s insane to think about! Even though long distance can be tough to me it honestly feels like it’s been a year apart. Just goes to show even though it’s tough and can take a lot o work, with the right person it might just be meant for you.

I then got to thinking about the future and when the long distance portion of our relationship will end. I’m a big planner, I like to know everything about the future. I want everything planned out for me so I know what to expect and when. I then started feeling like I need an answer on when Jack and I would ‘close the gap”. For those of you that don’t know, closing the gap is long distance relationship term and means exactly what it says. You are closing the distance between the two of you and are in the same place.

Once I began thinking about when it was going to happen for us I realized I had not given it much thought because it was not going to be happening any time soon. We both need to graduate undergrad at least and we both have a minimum of a year and a half left. But after I read some articles concerning the topic I realized that a year and a half can be here before we know it and while it may seem like a while away it does take a lot of time and planning if one of us, or both of us, will be moving somewhere else. We have to plan living, jobs, and expenses.

Jack and I discussed it a little about what we both would like to do and some possible options. For us a lot of it is dependent on different factors and possible situations that can occur.

Have any of you closed the gap yourselves or talked about/are planning it with your significant other? I would love to hear how you did it or plans you have made. Comment below and let me know.

Have a wonderful Monday Funday!

Also I am looking to feature people’s stories of their long distance relationship. Whether you are currently in one or were in one previously, I would love to share your story. Please email me at renae_bruce@yahoo.com if you are interested. 


Post Trip Depression

Hello everybody! Today I’m addressing a not so happy topic concerning long distance relationships. For me personally, it tends to be the lowest point in long distance. I’m talking about the moment when it’s time to leave your significant other and go back to your norm of being apart.

For me it all begins the second I leave Jack’s side and we part ways at the airport. For the most part I fly out to see Jack so I am usually the one that has to hop on the plane back to home. The second I go through airport security I start panicing. I’ve had legitimate panic   attacks during previous departures where it all just overwhelms me a ton. I get so worried about the distance, how long it will be till I see him, and much more and allow it to completely consume me.

On Sunday when I left Louisiana for Southern California I (thankfully) did not have a panic attack this time but I was instead completely overwhelmed with sadness. I can usually tell pretty quickly how hard it’ll be to bounce back once I leave Jack and this time I could instantly tell it was not going to be easy.

The worst part is having a four hour plane ride, and sometimes an hour or two layover, to sit and think about how you’re leaving the person you love and won’t see them. I replay all of the moments of pure bliss of being together and think about how I wont have that for a couple months. It’s hard not to when there’s nothing to do and you’re trapped 1,000 miles in the air (I advise you to buy magazines, books and watch the inflight entertainment to keep yourself busy).


When I arrived home Sunday night I was emotionally exhausted but could not sleep. After a trip I usually retreat to my room a lot and keep to myself. My family takes notice and tries to keep me happy but not much can help me out.

This time around I let myself be sad for the first couple of days, it’s healthy to be sad for a little bit but do not let it consume you or last more than a couple days. After a few days I knew I needed to turn my attitude around and attempt to be happy even with the distance. I first baked some banana nut muffins, my favorite bakery good to cheer me up. Jack pushed me to stay positive and keep looking towards being happy. He is really great at keeping me positive and cheering me up. Our long distance relationship continues to thrive because of him, he’s so great at looking at the good and not the bad. He also pushed me to go back to Zumba because he knew that would instantly cheer me up. I pushed myself and went last night after a week long break and loved it. It really did a great job of cheering me up last night!

It has also helps that Jack and I have a trip planned to see each other next month. I have already begun the countdown and we are only about thirty days away! I just keep telling myself one day at a time.

For me post depression is one of the worst parts of long distance relationships, if you are struggling with it know you are not alone. Power through and lean on people around you (especially your significant other) for support. It’s tough now but trust me it gets better! The pain is temporary and soon you will be back together again. Until then occupy yourself, find new things to do, take time for yourself to heal, and communicate your feelings to your boyfriend or girlfriend so they know where you are at emotionally.

How do you cope with post trip depression? Tell me below. I would love to hear. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and come back Monday for a new post!


Cooking in the Kitchen

Hello everyone! In yesterday’s post I talked about how Jack and I had planned to cook and bake a little on my trip out to Louisiana. One of my favorite things to do is bake and cook, I always swore I would make a stellar wife to whomever I marry because I’ll cook them whatever they would like. I had put it on our “to do list” for the trip (I will talk more about this next week) and really wanted to at least fulfill it once. We ended up doing it three times!

On one of our first nights we went grocery shopping to make baked ziti, both something we really like, and brownies for hot fudge sundaes. We got all of the fixings to make both for the next day. We ended up only baking brownies and making hot fudge sundaes because we had a late lunch and were not hungry for a big meal for dinner so we saved the baked ziti for a night later in the week. For our hot fudge sundaes we kept it simple with a boxed brownie mix (I have tried a ton and Ghirardelli is a personal fave), Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, and Smucker’s hot fudge sauce. I haven’t had a hot fudge sundae in forever and boy I have I been missing out! They were totally simple but so delicious.

The baked ziti recipe we used was the one that Jacks mother, Mrs. Chascin gave us. It’s always a personal favorite to eat when I visit the Chascin family so I was really happy she sent it to us to try and make. It turned out really well and a ton was left over for Jack to eat (instead of his beloved Lean Cuisines). My goal was to leave him leftovers so he had more home cooked meals to eat! Being someone that loves to cook it is hard to not be able to make your significant other food so this made up for my lost opportunities to cook for Jack.

The end result for our baked ziti

A couple nights later we cooked up some oven baked meatball sandwiches. We looked through Pinterest to find some meal ideas and narrowed it down to two: oven baked meatball sandwiches and baked barbeque chicken sandwiches. The meatball sandwiches won because Jack had just had barbeque chicken pizza the night before. We are hoping to make the barbeque chicken sandwiches when I go out next month.

Here is the recipe we used. It was so simple to follow! You can use homemade meatballs or frozen meatballs; we opted for frozen meatballs because we decided to make these about an hour before dinner time. We bought delicious frozen meatballs at Whole Foods. I highly recommend if you are going with frozen meatballs do not skimp on the quality and spend the extra couple of dollars for really good frozen meatballs. The rest of the recipe is very easy and overall it only took about 45 minutes to make from prep to finish.

Jack and I with our baked meatball sandwich

I highly recommend Pinterest for any recipes. There are so many great links to blogs and specific recipes if you follow a certain diet or if you just have something specific in mind. I have a Pinterest account and my “Meals” and “Recipes” boards are my favorite to add to. Follow me on Pinterest @RenaeSBruce to see all of my pins.

Hopefully I have inspired you to go out and try to make something with your significant other. It is so fun to both be involved in something, especially if one of you loves it like I do. Skip take out and try something new tonight or on the next trip to see your boyfriend or girlfriend. It will be an experience you both will love! I am hoping to incorporate more meal making into our upcoming trips.

Come back tomorrow for more about the topic of post trip depression. Have a lovely day readers!


Spring Break Trip Recap

Happy Wednesday everyone, we are halfway through the work week (but if you work the weekends like me that sadly means nothing, ugh)! In yesterdays ‘Life Update’ post I touched a little on how I just came back from visiting Jack in Louisiana for a week. Today I wanted to go a little more in depth on the things we did.

Every time I come back from a trip to visit Jack I always swear it was the best trip yet but this time I have to say it truly was. Every trip gets sweeter and more precious to me (and somehow even more fun). This trip was filled with a lot of activities but a lot of down time as well, which is my favorite thing to do. Here are some of our trip highlights:

Golfing: One of Jack’s favorite past times is golfing, so I always hope to squeeze it in together to see him in his happy place plus I am a sucker for a man all dressed up in golf gear. Jack always thinks I hate to do it but I secretly love it. From the fun golf clothes to driving the golf course, to the relaxed vibe of the sport it makes me happy and I love getting to do it alongside Jack. My next hope is to get more into the sport with Jack instead of just drive the golf cart around.

Cook: I really wanted to try to cook and bake a little together on this trip. Jack has an apartment with a kitchen so I thought it would be fun to play adult for a little bit and bake some sweets and cook a meal or two. His sweet mother gave us her recipe to make baked ziti- something I really love to eat all thanks to the Chascin’s introducing me to it. We were also able to bake brownies for hot fudge sundaes and cook up some meatball sandwiches. All of them turned out really well, I think we were made to cook together!

Celebrate My Birthday: My 21st birthday fell on Spring Break and I was able to celebrate with Jack who did not disappoint in the slightest on celebration activities. He treated me to the BEST birthday in New Orleans complete with a five star hotel (it could not have been a more ideal hotel), a five star dining experience, and taking me on a drinking tour throughout Bourbon St. I loved every second of it! I have never felt so special and so much like a princess. It was hands down the best birthday I have ever had and I wish I could relive it. He truly gives me so much more than I deserve and goes above and beyond for everything.

Taken on the balcony of our gorgeous hotel room

Eat: One of our favorite things to do is eat all of our favorite things together. We definitely indulged way too much while I was out there but vacation calories don’t count, right? My favorites include ice cream, frozen yogurt, our favorite place right near his campus for chimichangas, Raising Canes (the best chicken fingers you will ever have), and so much more.

Explore: We love to drive around and look at houses, scenery, etc. We went on a couple different “adventures” around the city. My favorite thing to do is drive around and look at all the gorgeous homes around the campus lakes. The houses are absurdly perfect! I like to dream of living in the homes if I ever have that kind of paycheck; there was one in particular that stole my heart. Jack was also able to show me where he is currently working and more of the city that I have not seen before. Dancing and singing in the car while going on an adventure is the cheapest and best date to me.

There were just a few of the fun things that happened on this trip. I loved this trip so much and leaving made it that much harder, but I wouldn’t change a single thing. Once I come home from trips I am always reminded of how strong our relationship is through long distance and how much I love Jack.

I loved getting to relive my week, if only for a little bit. I hope everyone has a wonderful hump day. Come back tomorrow for a brand new blog post!


Life Update

Hello readers! In yesterday’s post I gave a little update about the blog and the direction I’ll be taking it over the next few weeks. Today I wanted to give an update about life currently and what happened over my little break.

Not much has changed in the past few weeks, school is still going on (Summer is here in the beginning of June) and I am still working. On Sunday night I landed back in Southern California from a one week trip to Louisiana to visit Jack.

My spring break was last week along with my birthday. I had begged Jack for us to have a visit then. It worked out perfectly because he was able to get a few days off of work and skip a few days of school while I came to visit. The trip ended up being about 8 days and those 8 days were seriously the best.

We have such a limited time together but we are able to squeeze so much in, not necessarily in terms of activities but in spending quality time together and just loving each other. I savor every minute together because they are SO special and rare. I fall more in love with Jack every visit, I don’t know how it’s possible because I feel like my hearts already gonna burst with all the love I’ve got for him.

On our trip we were able to do a lot of fun activities like golf, shop, visit LSU’s Mike the tiger, cook, go on adventures, etc. My favorite (I’m sure to Jack’s surprise) was golfing. I’ll talk more in detail about our trips activities in upcoming posts this week.

April 11, 2016 my 21st birthday celebration

I have been home for over a day and the post trip depression has hit extremely hard this time. I’m trying to immerse myself in school, work, exercise, and 1780 Miles Away in hopes that I’m able to shake it off. Stay tuned for more on post trip depression and how Jack and I cope with it. Hopefully I can help others out with it and know you are not alone.

I have a lot of blog posts planned for this week and the upcoming weeks. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing more in depth on what Jack and I did over our recent trip. I cannot wait to relive it yet again. Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!


Update on 1780 Miles Away

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted.  I wanted to take a short break to see which direction I wanted the blog to go in, but life got in the way and made my break much longer than expected.

I have been wanting to transition 1780 Miles Away into a lifestyle blog while also keeping my long distance story in the blog because it’s such a big and important part of my life. I’ve been trying to think of how I want to go about this while staying true to why I originally created 1780 Miles Away. I took some time to think about the content I wanted to curate and how often. After debating it for a while, I will slowly be integrating more lifestyle pieces into my long distance pieces through out the next few weeks.

I hope this break did not discourage you, I’m back and more ready than ever to really push myself with this blog. Tomorrow I will be updating you on current events and more into my life and what’s been happening recently. Later on this week I will give you more details about the changes coming to 1780 Miles Away.

Thank you for reading, I can’t wait to go on another journey with all of my readers!