My Least Favorite Things

For the final day of “Renae Week” I thought I would take a different direction from Wednesday’s POST and tell you about the things I really dislike. They say that the things you dislike tell more about you than the things you like, I do not know if I believe that but it could be quite possible. Without further ado here are the things I cannot stand:

Rosemary- I hate the herb in anything and everything, from food to soaps to haircare products I detest it. Progresso puts it in most of their soups and since this discovery I have vowed to never eat them again. Something about it is just awful in so many ways to me!

Spiders- Previously mentioned in Tuesday’s ‘Fun Facts’ post, I hate spiders. Ever since I was little and mistakenly saw parts of the movie “Arachnophobia” I have never been able to be within 5 feet of a spider.

Driving- Driving is the worst thing to me. I get really bad anxiety because I do not trust other people on the road. I am an okay driver but my anxiety can make me too anxious to really do well. I have told Jack countless times that he will have to be the driver in our relationship! I want to live in a city so I can take public transportation, like the subway or taxis, so I do not have to drive.


Scary Movies- I hate watching scary movies so I stay away from them as much as possible. I am more afraid of the realistic scary movies of kidnappings and murder, rather than exorcisms and dead people. The scariest movie (at least to me) was The Sixth Sense, I know most people don’t even think it’s a scary movie but the beginning scene where the man kills himself and the psychiatrist has haunted me ever since I saw the movie.

Tea- I have no idea how people drink tea, iced and hot. To me it tastes like dirty water and I have never been able to drink it. The one exception? Diet peach Snapple tea. It is amazing! I do not believe that is “real” tea though.


Berries and Melons- In my fun facts post I also mentioned how I prefer vegetables over fruit. My most hated fruits include berries such as raspberries, blueberries, and black berries and all kinds of melons. I dislike the texture and flavor of all of them.

Blood, Needles, and Anything Medical- I have medic phobia, which is a (bad) fear of medical things. I faint every time I have to get blood drawn, get a shot, or sometimes even when I just see medical things. I have read that is the only phobia where you can faint from it. I have tried everything to help me not faint but no matter what it always ends up happening. It has continued to get worse the older I get.


Quick Story: In my biology class last semester we watched a movie on aids research for cures. In the 20 minute video they showed about 15 seconds of a doctor pulling cells from a Petri dish. The sight of the needle ended up making me faint in front of my whole class. The ambulance was called and it was hands down one of the most embarrassing moments.

And with that we conclude “Renae Week”! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know about me a little more and feel a more personal connection with me. Please feel free to email me or message me if you have any questions or comments or would like to get in contact. Follow me on Twitter @Renaesbruce and the blog @1780milesaway. Hopefully I can convince Jack to start a “Jack Week” soon. Have a wonderful weekend and come back Monday for a brand new post!



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