Fun Facts

If you missed yesterday’s post on my story, catch up here! To continue “Renae Week” I wanted to give you some fun facts about myself that not everyone knows about me. Let’s get started!

I love anything and everything politics– My dream job for a long time has been a political position, be it local, state or federal government. I also love following politics especially with the 2016 presidential election this year.

I hate spiders- Jack can testify for this one, there once was an incident with me, him and a spider in a kayak that I think he would love to forget. There are (very) few things that I hate more than spiders and I always say if I was given three wishes by a genie one would be to make all spiders disappear, it might even be before asking for a million dollars that’s how much I hate them!

My dream place to live would be the Boston– I have visited twice and it’s by far one of my favorite places. I feel like I would fit in perfectly with the atmosphere, the weather and the people. Ever feel like somewhere is just perfect for you? Plus the houses on Beacon Hill are my dream houses.

Acorn Street
I love veggies but hate fruit– With the exception of apples and green grapes, I hate all other fruit. On the other hand I can eat vegetables by the bucketful especially grilled. I love nearly every vegetable. Most people prefer fruit but for some reason I have never been a fan. Only super crispy apples and crispy green grapes have my thumbs up.

My major is Political Science– Originally it started out as business but after taking one business class I realized it just was not something I was passionate about. After taking a Business Law class I realized that government and law were what I was really passionate about and what I wanted my career to be.

I have a (MAJOR) obsession with mini pigs– Google micro mini pigs and trust me, your heart will melt. I fell in love with them after coming across an Instagram account and have been crazy about them ever since. I try to convince Jack to let me get a mini pig but he won’t budge (yet..). I have already decided my pig’s name would be Alexander HAMilton. Get it?

I also have an even bigger obsession with puppies– I love every single puppy in the world. Secretly golden retriever and pug puppies have a little more of my heart but don’t tell the other guys! If I ever want to have a huge mood booster I Google puppies and instantly I am absurdly happy. I think I have a better chance of convincing Jack of getting a puppy, he loves them too. I have a tendency to overload him with puppy pictures, but why not spread the happiness?

I love Gray Malin photography- A couple years ago I came across a Gray Malin photograph and have been stalking his work ever since. His photos are absolutely breathtaking and the color schemes are all kinds of perfect. My dream is to start a mini collection of his photographs and might just ask for one for my birthday next month. Look up his work!

I read all kinds of blogs– I love fashion and lifestyle blogs and read them religiously every morning before I get my day started. My all-time favorite is Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam, I secretly want to be her best friend!

My biggest inspirations are Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush– They are two of my favorite First Ladies. Regardless of your political party affiliation you cannot deny their class, love for their country, love for their husbands, and the grace they had serving as the First Lady. I want to be half the ladies they are/were.

When I was little I technically only had a “half case” of chicken pox– I had approximately three pox and that was it. My mother says there is still a chance I can get them again since I technically did not have a full case of it.

I hope enjoyed reading some “fun facts” about me. It was fun thinking of some out of things people may not know about me. Come back tomorrow for a post on my favorite things! Have a wonderful day everyone!



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