My Story

Happy Monday everyone, I hope Day Light Savings didn’t hurt you too much! I wanted to spend a good portion of this week on having you guys get to know me better. Jack dubbed it “Renae Week”. I wanted to tell you more about my life, my hobbies, and fun facts about myself so you are able to know me on a more personal level when you read my blog. Today I wanted to share more about my life and my story.

I was born and raised in Southern California. I have lived in the same house my entire life and could not imagine ever living somewhere else. As much as I dislike California now (I know, I know, California is supposed to be the dream place for everyone) growing up in our semi-small town was the best experience. I am the second youngest child out of six children; I have four sisters and one brother. Having so many siblings has it benefits but I always wanted to be an only child or just have one sibling, like my little sister. I prefer the quiet and having time to myself.

McKenzie (aka Mackie), Jack and me at my sisters wedding, Feb. 2016

My younger sister, McKenzie, is hands down my best friend in the world. We can practically read each others mind and somehow never get annoyed with each other. We get asked about once a week if we are twins but she is three and a half years younger than me, I blame it on the four inches she’s got on me. I ended up going to a different high school than my older siblings and not too long after my little sister followed my footsteps. Thank goodness I did because I would have never met Jack if I went to my local high school. McKenzie and I were able to spend my last and her first year together in high school and it was by far my favorite time in high school.

I currently attend college and I am in my third year. This coming Fall I will be transferring to a four year university and I am beyond happy! There have been a lot of obstacles to get there but I am so happy it has all worked out. I work at Anthropologie in a nearby mall and although it is work I love it. When I am not at work or school I spend my time at the gym, my mom calls me a ‘gym rat’. I absolutely love the gym; nothing makes me happier than feeling my absolute best. My favorite gym activity? Zumba, no doubt about it! If my schedule permits I will go to a morning and night Zumba class. I cannot get enough of it.

And there’s my short, but sweet story! If you have any questions, comment down below or contact me on Twitter at @Renaesbruce or @1780milesaway. Come back tomorrow for a post on facts about me!



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