Keeping in Contact, But Not Overdoing It

Communication and contact is extremely important with so much distance between you and your significant other. Jack and I text all throughout the day and every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday we set aside some time to call each other and hear each other’s voices. Facetimes are another way I love getting to mix it up; you get to see their face and for an hour or so it feels like you are actually together. Jack knows if I had it my way we would Facetime every single day, but sadly it is not realistic.

Teenager looking at red phone

In the beginning of long distance we talked every day on the phone but soon it became too hard and too much work and stress for the both of us. Of course you want to carve out the time to talk but between school, work, and other activities it is hard to set aside an hour every single night to talk. Jack is two hours ahead of me so it was even harder; when Jack was getting ready to go to bed I finally had some free time for a phone call. He ended up suggesting we try a different schedule instead and only talk on the phone about every other day. Although sometimes it is hard not being able to talk on the phone every day it fits our schedule so much better and you come to enjoy the phone calls that much more. I always have something to look forward to!

When we talked every day we soon began to be consumed by our phones, I felt like when we were not texting we were talking on the phone. Although talking to your significant other is the best if it begins to take over your daily like it can hurt your relationship. Do not let your phone or computer rule your life just because you are in a long distance relationship, or any relationship for that matter. This does not mean phone calls, texting, and Facetime are bad for you and your relationship, just keep in check how glued you are to your phone.

Find the perfect balance of keeping in contact and overcompensating contact because of the distance. This does not mean you and your partner have to talk every other day. Maybe it’s a couple times a week, possibly more or less, but find what fits for your relationship and communicate to your partner what you want and need. If you need more time to yourself so you are not being stretched out too thin between work, school, a social life, and your relationship, talk to your partner. Trust me when I tell you they want what is best for you and your relationship!

Happy Hump Day, come back tomorrow for another post on communication!



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