Q&A a Day

Congrats you have all made it to Tuesday; I hope everyone’s Monday wasn’t too bad! In the beginning of the New Year Jack and I began a 3 year Q&A book that I found through the store I work at. Every day for three years you and your partner answer a question; the questions range from what’s up to what would you ask you partners mother? The questions can be serious, silly, honest, and compelling. (When we remember) At night we ask each other the question and one of us writes it down in the book and there are three lines for each person per question. In the beginning I had the book and filled out all of the answers. Once Jack came out to visit me last month, I gave him the book to take home as well as the job of filling out our answers each night. I would tend to forget to ask him the question before he fell asleep because he is two hours ahead of me, so I thought I would give him a chance to fill it out and it turns out he is just as bad at remembering it as me!


Two Person Q&A Journal

I won’t lie to you; we do not always remember every night to answer the question and occasionally have to do two questions in one day and today is one of those days. I cannot wait in three years when we look back to a question we answered and see how our answers have changed or are reminded of memories we shared at some point. Some of our answers will absolutely make us laugh in the future. Jack tends to make his questions funny ones and usually have me laughing hysterically as I would write them down.

If you cannot convince your significant other to join in on the questions or are happily single, there is a single person question book that lasts 5 years. My sister is currently doing this one and highly recommends it. I highly recommend you give the book a try, whether it is you and your partner or you alone. It is so interesting to do and provokes you to think about things you may not normally. A lot of the questions are really positive and the answers your significant other may give you just might make your day. Jack has had plenty of heartwarming, sweet answers that can turn a bad day around in an instant. Having a special daily activity we can do together really unites us despite the distance. Taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to focus on one thing the two of you do together can make you feel not so far apart.

Go out and buy the book and let me know how you like it! Here is the link to purchase both the two people and single person book, just choose a different color to select the specific one you want. You can also find the book at Urban Outfitters, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.  Comment below if you are already doing a Q&A book, I would love to hear about it. Come back tomorrow for another brand new post!



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