Occupying Yourself Between Visits

Hello readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

The most important thing to do to make a long distance relationship easier is to KEEP YOURSELF OCCUPIED. When I have a lot of free time to myself I tend to dwell on the fact that Jack is not there and how much I miss him. I have noticed when I am busy with school, work and hobbies I have less time to dwell on the sadness and have a better outlook on long distance because of it. Since beginning a long distance relationship I have started college, found hobbies, really gotten into exercise, and now have a job. Find things that make you happy and fill up your day. Here are some tips on finding things to occupy yourself between visits with your significant other.

  1. Find something beneficial to you. A little after Jack and I began long distance I started going to the gym. I have heard countless times exercise is the perfect thing for if you are sad or mad or anything, and I can completely attest to that. I first began with running and absolutely loved that. A little later on I began taking classes at the gym; Zumba became my all-time favorite thing to do and really helped me through the post trip depression. Zumba and exercise are beneficial in multiple ways including helping make me happy and keep my mind of things, as well as keep me healthy. It always makes me think of Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde”
“Legally Blonde”. (One of my all time favorite movies)
  1. Stick to your favorites. I have always loved crafting, from scrap-booking to making little holiday crafts and everything in between. I took an art class in high school and really enjoyed it. My mother, who is the biggest crafter I know, bought me my first watercolor set for Christmas a couple of years ago and I instantly fell in love. It’s so soothing and you end up with masterpieces at the end. I have even painted a couple for Jack!
  2. Keep yourself busy with school and work. I began working not too long ago and although working isn’t as fun as we would all like, it fills my days between school and it pays, can you really beat that? I have also made a lot of great friends through work who can cheer me up when I am down and always make me laugh. School is another half good/half bad time filler. Between school, homework, and work I barely have a minute to think about the distance.
  3. Find something new and out of your comfort zone. When Jack suggested the idea of a blog I instantly jumped at the chance but soon realized it was completely out of my comfort zone. While nervous (Jack soon calmed my nerves) I was ecstatic to have something fun to do on my down time. I am only on week two of blog posts but I love coming home from work or just finishing up homework and jumping right into blog posts and ideas. When you go out of your comfort zone you might just be surprised how happy it makes you!


Hopefully these ideas inspire you to try something new, something beneficial to you or remind you of a hobby you used to love. Keeping your mind off of the distance in a long distance relationship is the key to remaining happy. Always look on the bright side of things and know the end is soon, until then keep yourself busy!



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