Trust In a Long Distance Relationship

Trust is one of the most important parts of a long distance relationship among many other important things. You have to trust that your partner will be faithful to you, that they will give the relationship one hundred percent, and you have to trust that it will all turn out how it is meant to be. One of the most asked questions and discussed topics about long distance relationships is trusting that your partner will be faithful. I will admit, in the beginning of a long distance relationship it is hard not to worry about this. When Jack began school the Fall following him leaving it was tough not to have my mind wander and worry about the worst case scenario. I knew there would be prettier, smarter, funnier girls at his university and it was hard to not think about him forgetting about his girlfriend all the way out in California and falling for someone else.

Nearly three years later I can honestly say the thought has not crossed my mind since. I know Jack would never do such a thing, even then I knew the man he was and knew he was not that kind of person but everybody worries about things even they know will not happen. It’s completely natural; we’re humans and worry constantly. But if you let the worrying take control of all of your thoughts and actions it will not only hurt you but your relationship. During the first couple of weeks I worried when Jack went out because I always thought that was when he’d meet someone better than me on many levels. It began to affect how I treated the relationship. I began thinking very short term to prepare myself for the worst. I began to invest less to protect myself more.  After talking the worrying down in my head I realized I needed to trust that Jack loved me and would not leave me or cheat on me. Coming from a person that worries about all types of things I can tell you it’s not the easiest thing to do but will greatly benefit you, your relationship and your partner. When you give someone so much trust you build a relationship on a completely different level. I believe that is why relationships that are long distance are so much stronger than regular ones because you have to put so much more faith and trust into the person you are dating.

Trusting your partner does not just concern cheating, it also applies to trusting that they will give it all they have on their side as well. This applies to all types of relationship. You always have to have faith that your partner is giving it all they have to make the relationship work, through the ups and the downs and that you are not the only one trying on your end. If you have faith that they are as well the relationship will run much more smoothly.

Above all else you have to trust that what is meant to be will fall into place. It sounds extremely cliché I know but if you tell yourself that it can honestly pull you through the tough times. Everything falls into place and ends up how it is meant to be; keeping trusting and putting everything you have into it and it will all fall into place. Trust me!

Hopefully this helps to show you that everyone can struggle with trust, especially in the beginning of a long distance relationship. It may be tough to fully grasp but it is so wonderful fully trusting your significant other that is thousands of miles away and never having to worry about these kinds of things. The trust I have for Jack is one of the best parts of our long distance relationship.

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday I wanted to include a throwback picture of me and Jack.

Prom Asking Pic
April 23, 2012 Jack asked me to Prom.



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