Tips On Finding Cheap Flights

If you’ve decided to make the big jump and start a long distance relationship with someone, congratulations. Now buckle down and start saving your money quickly! One of the biggest struggles I have had with long distance is the cost. I get easily upset thinking about having to pay $300-$500 just to see my boyfriend while everyone else pays nothing to spend long amounts of time with their significant other. After a year or so of doing long distance with Jack I began to take it for what it was and not get upset over having to spend so much money. After buying so many tickets over the past couple of years I have become somewhat of a “cheap flights expert” and want to be able to save anybody and everybody as much money as they can when it comes to seeing their long distance significant other. Here are some tips I have found extremely useful in regards to saving money on airplane tickets.



  • Sign up for emails from multiple traveling sites such as Expedia and, which compare multiple airlines according to your area and local airports. I get weekly emails from showcasing low priced local airplane tickets from local airports to specific cities, such as New Orleans. Expedia is very similar and helps to show hotel and car rental deals, as well as plane ticket deals, if you are in need of a hotel room or car rental.


  • Follow airlines such as Southwest, United, American Airlines, and Delta on all types of social media outlets (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Many large airlines give special deals and release new sales to customers that follow them.


  • Sign up for rewards programs through different airlines. Nearly every airline has a rewards program that customers can sign up for that does not involve paying or signing up for a credit card. Southwest Airlines has the ‘Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards’ which is a program that rewards you with points for every plane ticket you purchase. I have used this program frequently because I find myself buying Southwest tickets the most, due to their usually low prices, and it enables me to build up my points. For every plane ticket you purchase you receive points that add up in your account and can be used to purchase a plane ticket. For example, I can buy a ticket for $400 and receive 2,000 points towards a flight. Other airlines have similar rewards programs as well. Jack and I recently signed up for United Airlines ‘United Mileage Plus’ program because we bought a ticket through that airline.


  • Receive a refund (if possible). Some airlines allow you to cancel your ticket within 24 hours with no fee or loss of ticket and/or money. After you purchase your ticket, continue to check prices everyone. If you find a cheaper ticket within 24 hours, cancel your ticket and purchase the new one. Be aware of every airlines refund rules!


  • When you book matters. There have been many theories as to when is the cheapest time to book a ticket but I have always followed the Tuesday afternoon rule that believes on Tuesday around three o’clock, about 50 days before your flight is the cheapest ticket. I have found very cheap tickets around this time and think it is helpful. Here is a video from discussing this theory.

Hopefully some of these are new tips that will enable you to save some money, even if it is as little as $10 that can be money towards your next flight. Have a great Hump Day!




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