Hello to any and all readers! If you have read our ‘about’ page you may now know some of our story but I wanted to give a more detailed look at how Jack and I met and began our long distance journey. So to begin, my name is Renae and my boyfriend is Jack. Jack and I met our junior year of high school in Southern California where we shared a French III class together. I distinctly remember my first thought of him was “geez this guy is tall” (he towers over me at 6’4) and I noticed that he was wearing a Boston Celtics shirt (we’re both fans). I originally thought he was one of those kids that was a genius and fluent in French and was totally intimidated by him, but turns out he was faking it just as much as me!

Soon after, we moved seats in French while Jack was away on vacation and I had no clue he was sitting next to me. He came back to school shortly after and we began talking during class. I’m sure he thought I was insane in the beginning because I constantly asked him who he liked, and bugged the poor guy in the beginning. We ended up messaging on Facebook and I asked about him growing up in Maine (He denies that all Maine residents lobster fish but I still don’t quite believe it), and discussed our shared liking for the Boston Celtics since Jack originally hails from the Northeast. Shortly after we became friends, Jack asked me to our junior year prom with an adorable sign and flowers. Two weeks before Prom Jack asked me to go bowling so we could hang out more before Prom. I ended up winning the game (Jack insists he let me just to be nice) and then we went out to get ice cream. Ice cream dates were a constant throughout high school for us; I have a bad weakness for it. The next week, the day before Prom, Jack and I went to a Minor League baseball game nearby because his parents were out of town and had tickets. I had never been to a baseball game before that and loved every second of it, mostly because of the boy sitting next to me behind home plate. The following day we had Prom at the Los Angeles Science Center and I had the time of my life, it was the most vivid time that I really felt myself falling for him.

Prom Pic
Prom May 2012

On May 11, 2012 Jack asked me to be his girlfriend on my front porch after going to a nearby fair for a date. It is one of those memories that play in my head like a movie, sounds cheesy but something I will never forget. We continued to date into our senior year, taking a quick break before graduation. Some of our dates included Disneyland, mini golf, trips to the mountains and dinner dates; although my favorite dates were just hanging out. Once we began dating I filled a mini calendar with everything we did in about the first month. I love looking through it now and seeing every memory we shared when we first began dating and reliving it all!

Jack’s family moved out to Louisiana for his father’s job the summer of our junior year but his parents allowed him to stay for his senior year and live with a friend of his; we were thankfully able to avoid long distance for a year. Jack applied to multiple universities around the country but sadly none in California. He ended up getting into a university in Louisiana near his family and fell in love with the school and decided to enroll there for college. I stayed in California for school because of the insane prices to attend college out of state and we decided to give long distance a go and see if we could make it work. We will be together four years in May of 2016, nearly three of which have been long distance. We visit each other as often as possible, with breaks of anywhere from one month to four months. I have visited his family and school and he comes to visit mine as well, my family absolutely loves him!

Although it isn’t easy we have successfully survived and continue to survive (and thrive in) a long distance relationship and I think we do the best job but my opinion might just be a little biased. Follow along on our journey through the ups and downs of a long distance relationship and allow us to show you some of the knowledge we have gained throughout the years whether you are just beginning a long distance relationship yourself, debating getting into one or are just intrigued at how they work. You will also be able to see insight into our lives and our ‘love through long distance’.

post picc
Jack and I at Disneyland during the holidays, Dec. 2015.

Check back again tomorrow for a post on the pros and cons of a long distance relationship!